Laser engraving

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General Laser Services

Etching & Engraving -

$40-60 Depending on Size (superficial laser marking, coating will cover this mark) Receivers, Knives, Slides, Zippo Lighters, Belt Buckles, Etc. Almost anything made of metal.

Deep Engraving

$60-80 to above (permanent textured engraving, coating after engraving will maintaining detail)

Custom Ejection Port Cover - $30

All Prices above are based on customer provided 2 color artwork (preferably black and white) in the following formats: Ai, EPS, PDF

Simple artwork conversion Charge of $20 for high resolution .bmp .jpg or .png files (no shading or highly colorized files please) 3 colors max

Artwork Design and Development - $100/hr (i.e. Letters/Phrases, Symbol/Emblems requiring redesign or logo enhancing)

NFA Laser service

We engrave all NFA Text (name or trust, city, and state) to ATF specifications (1/16" high, with a minimum depth of 0.003").

$40 - NFA Text on aluminum and polymer

$60 - NFA Text on steel, stainless steel, or titanium

$60 - NFA Text on all suppressors and tubes


Laser Stippling

Glock 43, 19/23, 17/22, 26/27 43x/48, 21/20

Side panels and front index including prep and single color Cerakote before or after laser $200

Front and Rear Backstrap +$100

Undercut and Trigger Guard Pad +$50

Insertion of logo or image into grip side panels +$150