Shipping And Returns


Items will only be shipped after receipt of payment.

Lead-time for service vary depending on workload, holidays and other factors.

Typical lead-time for most services range from 4-6 weeks. Occasionally it can be shorter.

We will do our best to adhere to this time-line and will contact you if there are any significant delays.

Calling at the beginning of week four to get a status update will not result in a favorable return ship date.


Terms And Conditions


We are licensed by the BATFE We adhere to all state, local and federal laws.

A copy of our FFL can be found here: (link to FFL) see attached.


All work performed comes with a Lifetime Guarantee due to improper application or manufacturer material failure. Normal wear and tear will occur and depending on how you use your project. If the wear is excessive or unexpected, we’ll fix it for free. If it occurs because it fell off your side by side while high tailing it to your favorite hunting spot or while operating behind enemy lines, we’ll give you a nice discount for a repair or respray. We tend to give most customers the benefit of the doubt on this issue, but if it’s obvious abuse, expect a phone call when we receive your returned project.